RA Trade and Investments is a professional, wholly Canadian real estate, trading, and investment entity with local and international holdings. We specialize in full service management for Commercial and Residential Properties, and expertly initiate and facilitate trade and brokerage transactions. 

We strive to offer the ultimate real estate experience for today’s modern consumer through our unique style and passion for connecting people with property. We specialize in full service management for commercial and residential properties, and expertly initiate and facilitate trade and brokerage transactions.

“By maximizing income, controlling expenses, and ensuring the highest standards of quality, we are committed to increasing the value of our assets and investments. “
— R. Abdullahi, President & CEO, RA Trade & Investments

Our Proven Strategy

RA Trade and Investments' success is based on our proven "Buy-Manage-Sell" portfolio management strategy. Our keen knowledge of the local and international real estate markets allows us to acquire, at short notice, the best and most suitable real estate for our portfolio, professionally manage the asset locally, and then sell at the best time for maximum gain. Broad portfolio diversification underpins this strategy as we buy, lease, manage and sell a rich mix of residential and multi-use commercial properties.

Our group of companies provide the services necessary to ensure well maintained, effective and efficient enterprises. Let us partner with you and your company to maximize your return on investment.

Samples of our investment properties