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RA Trade and Investments is a professional, wholly Canadian real estate, trading, and investment entity with local and international holdings. We specialize in full service management for Commercial and Residential Properties, and expertly initiate and facilitate trade and brokerage transactions. 

We strive to offer the ultimate real estate experience for today’s modern consumer through our unique style and passion for connecting people with property. We specialize in full service management for commercial and residential properties, and expertly initiate and facilitate trade and brokerage transactions.

“By maximizing income, controlling expenses, and ensuring the highest standards of quality, we are committed to increasing the value of our assets and investments. “
— R. Abdullahi, President & CEO, RA Trade & Investments

Our Proven Strategy

RA Trade and Investments' success is based on our proven "Buy-Manage-Sell" portfolio management strategy. Our keen knowledge of the local and international real estate markets allows us to acquire, at short notice, the best and most suitable real estate for our portfolio, professionally manage the asset locally, and then sell at the best time for maximum gain. Broad portfolio diversification underpins this strategy as we buy, lease, manage and sell a rich mix of residential and multi-use commercial properties.

Our group of companies provide the services necessary to ensure well maintained, effective and efficient enterprises. Let us partner with you and your company to maximize your return on investment.

Samples of our investment properties

RA Trade & Investments Team

Beginning in 1989 with a single residential investment property, Rizak Abdullahi laid the foundation of his real estate business and single-handedly grew his operation to where it today includes a multi-million dollar residential and commercial real estate portfolio.

The people behind RA Trade and Investments have over 30 years of experience providing global real estate, trading and investment services, and all the necessary resources to run and maintain businesses in an effective and professional manner. Our group of companies can provide all administrative, maintenance, trade facilitation, financial, and legal services, if and when required.

RA Trade and Investments is committed to the following principles to achieve and maintain long-term success:

  • A focus on global real estate and investment management
  • Capitalizing on extensive global research efforts
  • Providing a unique approach to all investment and management initiatives 

Our philosophy is to make investments and business decisions with a long-term focus, generating consistent results for investors. Good, prudent decisions breed success. 

R. Abdullahi, BA, MA


Mr. Abdullahi, President, BA, MA is an economist with a sharp instinct for making lucrative real estate and other investments. He has amassed a significant portfolio of commercial and residential real estate and other investments through his commitment to hard work, solid research, ingenuity and street smarts. His common sense and years of management experience have brought him success in all RA Trade and Investment’s business lines.



Finance and Auditing 

Mr. McNeely is a partner at Kelly Huibers McNeely and brings a decade of assurance experience, as well as corporate and personal taxation to the benefit of his clients at KHMPC. Before joining KHMPC, Ben worked with PricewaterhouseCoopers and managed audit engagements for not-for-profit organizations including the Auditor General of Canada and Canadian International Development Agency.




Barnes, Sammon LLP is a medium sized Ottawa-based law firm recognized for providing cost effective exceptional legal services. The lawyers at Barnes Sammon are sensitive to the needs of their clients and strive hard to provide all their clients with a fair assessment of their problems and a strategic advantage that assists at both the negotiating table and when required in the courtroom.


N. Wong, B. Eng


Mr. Wong has over 20 years of engineering and project management experience, with a track record for delivering complex engineering projects on time and on budget.

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